Pets & Service Animals Welcome

We know pets are family too.


We at the ARK recognize that when sexual assault and domestic violence victims with pets flee abusive situations, it is not always easy to find a safe place for your fur baby. For this reason we have adopted a Pet Policy that allows us to welcome your entire family. Each client with a pet(s), must read and sign our pet policy.


The ARK is a group home and there are many other people and children to consider. We want to promote a safe, healing environment for all of our clients. Our pet policy outlines the best course of action to that end. We want you to be safe and we want your pet(s) to be safe as well. We also want to extend that safety to all of our clients as well as our staff.  


Upon bringing your pet to our shelter, we ask that you bring their current shot records. If your pet is not current we will try to help you find a local veterinarian who will offer services at a discounted price. Sometimes the ARK has money specifically for this purpose. However, said monies are not always available. Our clients must understand it might be their financial responsibility to update the vaccines of their animals before they can be relocated to our facility.